iPflanzen - Identify plants in the forest, park or garden

Accurately identify plants from the garden, park, forest or home using the free application iPflanzen. Approximately 1500 plants are available for identification. Selections are shown with an image, common and scientific name. You can access more information by switching from iPflanzen directly to iForest or iGarten, provided that those applications are installed on your device.
Together these three applications are an ideal tool for identifying, selecting, and learning about a wide range of plants.

iForest - Forest encyclopaedia for trees and shrubs

Logo of iForestiForest turns the modern mobile phone into an electronic botanical guide. The most important tree and shrub species of Central Europe can be viewed, identified and practiced. Thanks to iForest, iPhone and Android users can now utilise a reliable and well-structured identification key to determine trees and shrubs in their natural habitat, allowing for a faster and more accurate identification than when using a conventional plant guide.

iForest presents detailed information on more than 100 trees and shrubs. 16 images are available for each plant, covering everything from seeds, seedlings, roots, boles, bark, crown, leaves, summer and winter branches, wood, bloom to fruits. Each plant has is described comprehensively, with information on botanical traits, timber, habitat, silviculture, medicinal properties, history etc. Furthermore, high-resolution images allow for efficient learning and viewing of the various plants.


iGarten - A broadened way to enjoy your garden

Finally an end to the long and tedious search for the right plants! With just a few touches of the screen, you can find the perfectly suited plants for your home and garden. Maybe you’d like a blue and white bed of flowers in a favourite area of your garden, which gets only partial sunshine? iGarten selects suitable plants from a range of 1900 species with more than 7700 pictures, which can be displayed as a plant list. It has never been so easy to select your own assortment of garden plants. And when you have completed your gardening, you can relax and view the plant impression slide show to your favourite music alongside your freshly planted garden patch. iGarten allows you to play your choice of music directly from the application (iPhone/iPad).

Your garden plant guidebook with brilliant close-up images is now available on Android or iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.